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Why Make Your JavaScript & jQuery Code Pretty?

It's simple really, you can use this tool to uncompress your JavaScript & jQuery code so that it is human readable again . Then you can make changes to the source code and recompress if you wanted. JsPretty tool was deisnged to be really easy to use, you simply paste in your js code and click GO. There are various options for tab indent sizes (4 size recommended), braces options (default new line), preserve empty lines, detect packers and obfuscaters and keep array indentation.

  1. Online pretty js to make it readable again!
  2. Online beautify js code so it is formatted with tab spaces automatically added.
  3. Online json prettier make your JSON code readable again.
  4. Online jQuery prettier jQuery is now used by over 20 million websites.
  5. Online deobfuscate js to make your onfuscated js code readable again.
  6. Online uncompact js files together to edit them all in one go!

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